Rights of Access to Grandchildren

The links below are divided by country for easy look-up, however some of the links are international, so have a look at all of them.

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Canadian Grandparents' Rights Association

Custody Library (see below) has a section with information for Canadian Grandparents. Scroll way down for Canadian content.


Grandparents' Rights Organization

The National Coalition of Grandparents


CustodyLibrary.org offers expert publications to help with every child custody problem: Grandparents' Rights, Visitation Interference, Relocation with children, Child Support, Parental Alienation, Key Strategies, YOU WILL FIND ANSWERS FOR EVERY CUSTODY QUESTION


Grandparents Apart - Self Help Group

The Seniors Network - Links to Grandparents

New Zealand

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren National Trust

If you love and miss your grandchildren.....

Have you been denied access to your grandchildren?
Have you been successful in getting access?
What helped? Are any organizations particularly helpful?
Please share your experiences and support one another.

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Gone For Now 
My grandson was raised in my home for 7 years. I taught him how to ride a bike , play baseball, football, basketball. I cooked him his breakfast every …

I have not seen my grandchild at all 
I was asked to join my son and his wife for the birth of their baby March 2009 and I travelled to New York City, where they lived, 5 times in 7 months …

Try to Reconcile Always 
I have heard so many heartbreaking stories from Grandparents who only want the best for their kids and grandchildren. Yet for one reason or another (and …

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