The Baby Blues

Some of the common baby ills that new parents face include the baby blues after childbirth, colic diaper rash sleep difficulties and fussy eaters .

Now I know that most of us grandparents have been through one or other of these trials and lived to tell about it. For the new, sleep deprived parents, they can seem overwhelming and the likelihood is that they will come to you for help and advice.

Nevertheless, always remember the "Golden Rule" and give advice only when asked.

There is one exception to this rule; if your daughter or daughter-in-law is showing signs of Postnatal Depression (PND),then it is important to step in and see that she gets the help she needs.

She should see her doctor, midwife or home-care nurse who can make the proper referrals for her.

The reason this is so important is that a woman suffering from PND usually does not recognize it in herself. She blames herself for being a bad mother and wife, which only goes to fuel the depression.

Post Natal Depression (also called Post Partum Depression) CAN be treated, and the sooner treatment starts the better for mom, baby and dad too.

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