Cooking with Kids

Cooking with kids - what better way to spend some quality time with your grandchildren, than to teach them how to cook?

With two working parents in most families these days, kids are more likely to learn how to serve up take-out meals. They think that cakes grow in bakeries and meals come from delis.

Often, only Grandma or Grandpa will make time for cooking with kids.

If you are not a "working" Gran, perhaps you can show them how much fun it is to cook from scratch. Most children love to make cookies and cakes, but they can also enjoy preparing veggie snacks, making smoothies and in fact with a little help they could prepare a whole meal. How about breakfast for Dad on Fathers Day?

Here are some tips to make cooking with kids a fun and positive experience.

  • Be safe - Safety in the Kitchen
  • Make sure they wash hands very thoroughly before handling food.
  • Have your ingredients and utensils ready before the kids join you. They could lose interest if they have to wait while you peel and slice the apples. They want to roll out the pastry and put the apples in the pie.
  • Don't rush. It will take longer to make a dish with a grandchild than it would on your own. The important thing is for the grandchild to be successful, so be sure to choose a foolproof recipe.
  • Make the kitchen child-friendly. You may need a stool for them to stand on, unbreakable mixing bowls, and of course their very own aprons.
  • Make it FUN. Kids can learn all sorts of skills while cooking and some science too, but don't turn it into a lesson. Give them specific tasks, suitable to their ages, and be prepared to help out if they get stuck.
  • It could get messy! Have a damp cloth ready for spills and let the kids help with the clean-up.
  • Be sure to admire the finished dish, but don't be surprised if your grandchild won't eat it. Fussy eaters sometimes will try a dish they have cooked themselves, but don't count on it.

When the grandchildren are older, pre-teen and teens, the time spent together in the kitchen is a wonderful opportunity to grow your loving relationship with them. There is something about working side by side that encourages conversation and sharing. Make the most of it - it is precious time!

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