Creative Kids

How to Inspire Your Grandchildren
to Be Creative on their Own

Most kids are naturally creative and love to do arts and crafts when given the opportunity . But so often all they do is sit in front of the television or play video games. And even if we as grandparents do our best to organize creative activities, we often do not have as much time to spend crafting with our kids as we would like.

If you can get your grandkids to be creative on their own, they will spend less time on unproductive activities such as watching TV. But how do we manage that? Here are some ideas on the subject:

  • Make sure your grandkids see you doing the crafts you enjoy. Show them how you do things, answer their questions and let them have a try if possible. If they're interested in what you're doing, there's a good chance that they'll eventually have a go on their own.
  • Give them craft kits for birthdays and holidays. If you can find one, get a kit that makes something they are already interested in. For example, if your granddaughter loves jewelry, buy her a jewelry making kit.
  • Keep plenty of craft supplies around the house. You never know when your grandchild might get a great creative idea, and if you're always prepared, he will be able to act on it when he does.
  • When your grandchild makes something for you, display it with pride. Keep her paintings on the refrigerator, have the paperweight she gave you for your birthday front and center on your desk, and wear that macaroni necklace - at least while she is staying with you.
  • Drop some hints. Say things like, "I really loved that painting you did for our living room. It would be nice to have another one for my office." This will boost your grandchild's confidence and encourage more creativity.
  • Make stuff for your grandkids. They will feel special because you created something just for them, and more often than not, they will want to make something for you in return.
  • When someone in the family, or a friend has a birthday coming up, suggest that your grandchild make a gift instead of buying one. Offer suggestions if she asks, but otherwise, let her come up with her own ideas.

With the distractions of video games and other pastimes that do nothing to encourage independent thinking, getting your grandchild to be creative on his own might seem impossible. But by limiting these distractions at least while they are with you, and making sure our grandchildren have the self-confidence and resources they need to create, we will often see an increased desire to do just that. And if they are creative when they are young, they will usually carry that with them into adulthood.

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