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This is the page where you can show off your cute baby pictures and your funny baby snapshots.Tell us about your new grandbaby - go ahead, brag away, we are all grandparents here and we all know how it feels to have the most beautiful grandbaby in the whole world! Tell us your stories please.

Of course you can always brag about your older Grandkids too! Do you have some funny sayings and photos to share?

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It is simple to do - just type in the box. Don't worry, it will expand as you type.

As long as you have the baby photo that you want to share on your computer, the uploading is very straightforward. Just press the browse button and you will be able to search for the photo on your own computer.

Baby Photos and Stories about Grandkids.

Do you have a new Grandbaby? Please share your picture and your stories here.

Of course, any stories about your grandchildren and the funny things they say will be welcome - this is not ONLY about new babies!

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Eli Loves Food 
I Took my only Grandson to circus circus in Las Vegas,he was waiting sort of impatiently to eat & get his food lol. They just was taking too long for him!! …

Doodle Bug " The Love of our Live's" 
Every since the day Cole was born he has totally captured our hearts! He has a way to make us smile and be so happy when the whole world is sad. We would …

Here is Kaitlyn, big sister to Tristan Patrick, our little Tampa Bay Rays fan. She looks so smart in her Girl Scout uniform.

How Could I Be a Great-Grandma!! 
Well, I do know how it happened. I was married when I was 20 and we had our first son when I was 21. He got married when he was 20 and had his first daughter, …

Little Miss Lexey 
Little Lexey was born to Brian and Kimberly from Idaho. Look - the photo shows the hands of Mom and Dad and newborn Lexey, born three months early. Tiny …

The Newest Rays Fan 
Here is Tristan Patrick, our newest grandbaby and a big Tampa Bay Rays baseball fan. He's so sure they are going to win the World Series he seems to be …

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