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This is a page of links to some of my favorite websites. Some of them are useful, some are beautiful and some are just for fun. These are websites that I particularly enjoy. A few are affiliate links. Any money earned from these goes to the upkeep of this site.

Check Your Time Zone

Victoria (Canada)

For anyone who has family scattered around the world, as I do, it can be difficult to keep time differences straight. I am always on the look-out for a good Timezone map and clock. This one from 24Timezones is the best one I have come across. It not only shows the different times but if you click on a city, it shows a map and useful information as well.

Turn Home Videos into Heirlooms

Tears of Joy Stories This site focuses on different ways to share your personal stories, share your memories as baby boomers, and create your personal stories from your pictures.

T.V. Off, Garden Gloves On!

For Grandparents who love to garden, here is a website which will give you loads of ways to share your passion with your grandchildren.
Kiddie Gardens and Gardening with Kids

Retiring Soon?

Thinking about Retirement? The Retirement Investigator helps you solve the mystery of successful retirement. The Retirement Investigator relentlessly researches the best information on life-after-work and publishes it here for you.

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