Grandparents Day Crafts

Here are a few crafts for kids to make for their grandparents. They are simple and quick to make but most will need a little adult help. For starters, How about a tiara for Grandma for this special day, and a crown for Grandad?

No-Sew Comfy Pillow

You will need:

  • Polar fleece, big enough to make a pillow.
  • Fiberfill to stuff it
  • Paint markers to decorate.

Cut the fleece out into two pieces the shape of a heart or a horseshoe. Make the shapes about two and a half inches bigger than the finished cushion will be.

Now have an older sibling or an adult carefully cut a fringe, about an inch apart and two and a half inches long, all the way around the fabric. Put the two pieces together, wrong sides facing, and double knot each fringe all the way around, just leaving a few untied so that you can stuff it. Fill the pillow up with the fiberfill making it as plump as you like, then tie the remaining fringe pieces.

You can leave the pillow as is if you have used a patterned fleece, or if it is plain, decorate it with markers any way you prefer.

More Grandparents Day crafts for slightly older grandchildren:

Make a Family Tree

You will need some time for this one. First you will need to gather all the information together, Your Grandparent's dates of birth (both sets), your parents birth dates, and finally yours and all your siblings (brothers and sisters)

For a really attractive family tree template click here and print it up. Then all you will have to do is fill out the form with the help of Grandma or Grandpa.

A Simple Gift Basket

Buy a medium sized decorative basket from a craft store, and pretty ribbon and matching tissue paper from a dollar store.

  • Wind the ribbon around the handle of the basket, ending in a big bow.
  • Crumple sheets of the tissue paper and half fill the basket with them.
  • Arrange your gifts on top.

Suggestions for gifts - some nice chocolate and candy for sweet toothed Grans; samples of shampoos and lotions from your local pharmacy; or a CD of some favorite music, a movie video and a packet of microwave popcorn plus a disk full of recent family photos. Guaranteed, Gran will love it.

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