I have not seen my grandchild at all

by KC
( Ontario Canada)

I was asked to join my son and his wife for the birth of their baby March 2009 and I travelled to New York City, where they lived, 5 times in 7 months without any problems. Three days after the birth of their son, I made a comment that my pictures were all blurry and I was disappointed that none were clear enough to have enlarged. My son said he had lots of pictures, but it appeared not one with me in them, but mostly with his mother in law. I made a comment that there were no pictures of me in all the pictures, and all three of them got upset with me. I was verbally attacked and asked to leave. I returned home by airplane and was very upset by this. The baptism was announced and I returned to New York again and brought all the family down with me. My daughter in law was very cold towards me and refused to interact with me. For this last year and half I have had not one picture sent, and she has blocked me from seeing any pictures or videos of him. I am at a loss. I understand that grandparents are not to interfere, and I have not, but this is absolutely ridiculous to think that we protect the rights of children and yet we abuse them by not offering an opportunity to interact with a previous generation. We have developed a civilization that is crazy and lacking in compassion for the well-being of the children.

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