Keeping in Touch by Mail

Even in this electronic age, keeping in touch by mail is still an option. Can you remember when hearing that satisfying thud of mail coming through the mail slot was still an exciting event and not the annoying mound of junk mail we get these days? Or do you remember seeing that little flag on your rural mailbox sticking up and wondering if there was something there for you?

Well, our grandchildren still get a kick out of receiving real mail, especially if they have been expecting something to arrive. The anticipation is just as real today as it ever was.

If you are travelling, keep in touch with postcards from wherever you are, to hold their interest. They can follow your adventures on a map or make a scrapbook of your travels. Bring them back a few coins if you are overseas - most kids love strange foreign coins.

Of course, Birthday and Christmas cards have to come by snail mail! Electronic greeting cards don't count for special occasions.

Because their grandparents were in England and Africa while my children were growing up in Canada, brown wrapped parcels under the Christmas tree, covered with interesting stamps, meant presents from their Grandparents and were often even more exciting than the more colourfully wrapped local presents.

Tapes are another wonderful way to stay in contact. My mother lost her eyesight when our children were still quite young so we made tapes for her and she would record a 'letter' back to us.I still keep those tapes, just to hear my mother's voice again.
My friend Lindsey in England has a father who tapes stories for his grandchildren. They love to listen to a bedtime story from Grandpa in his own voice, and really treasure those tapes.

For those who do not yet use a digital camera, photos are a most important part of keeping in touch, and of course they too will be sent by mail. Remember that your grandchildren are not all that interested in scenery. They want pictures of YOU, so be sure to have others take pictures of you wherever you go! They like to see your house and garden too, especially if they will be coming to visit you soon.

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