Writing Your Family Stories

The purpose of this section is to encourage writers to share their stories beyond the family circle.

So many of us have had amazing lives which should and could be remembered in the years to come.

When writers of history or historical novels do their research, there is no shortage of information on Kings and Queens, politicians or other famous folk.

What they really need, to bring their books to life, is stories about "regular" people and families, and how they lived their lives back then.

A while ago I came across an old shopping list, written by my grandmother as a young woman. Reading it today is fascinating.

It is hardly possible to believe what one could buy for a few pennies.

Times change, and sometimes the changes happen so gradually that we barely notice, until we read the tales of earlier days and find ourselves filled with nostalgia for what has gone.

Have you gone...

From this...

To this...

....To the finished book, beautifully bound, lovingly handled and cherished by all your family and friends!

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