by Marylyn(SuperNan)
(Kilsyth, Victoria, Australia)

Nan I Love You

Nan I Love You

I'm sorry,

Ruby had done something that was not quite right...and the Grumpy Old Grouch had surfaced.

I was sooooooooooo cross, thing is I can't even remember what it was or even when it happened.

I decided that I would not even speak to her and proceeded to answer some emails that had arrived that day...

About 1/2 an hour later I felt the ever so subtle pressure of a little body leaning against my left shoulder. Turning I saw the contrite face of the little Angel, with tears in her eyes.

She held out a little note for me, put it in my hand and stood there wide eyed waiting for me to re-act...

And re-act I did, I burst into a flood of tears, wrapped my arms around her little person and smothered her into my ample bosom. Her favourite nestling place when she needs to feel safe and secure.

Grumpy old Grouch had been put to rest and all it took was this...

Moments like this seem to be happening all the time, as I am having to re-learn this Parenting Stuff...Second time around with a Grandchild can be a trying, thrilling, frustrating, humbling, terrifying, loving, memorable and thoroughly satisfying experience.

My Love and Respect to all the Grandparents out there and a Very Special and Empathetic Hug to The ever increasing number of "Kinship-Care Grandparents". Your rewards are in the eyes of the Children who you live to protect.

Kindest regards

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Nov 03, 2008
You might say Art right from the Heart
by: Gill

Thanks SuperNan,

Such a sweet little story - I can so relate. It had me reaching for the Kleenex box!

I ran into a friend last week. She has raised her granddaughter who is now an early teen (scary time!)
I asked her if she had anything to add to our pages and all she said was "Love them, just love them, no matter what."

Give our love and hugs to your little Poppit!

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