That sure is ugly!

by George Hollis
(Kentucky, USA)

I was born in 1949. In that time of the fifties, it seemed that if you said or heard something as simple as pregnant, it was as though a no-no had been spoke. I say this because of the following story.

My one granddaughter who was three at the time saw her young boy cousin having a diaper change. She watched through out the process and just as everything was about to be covered up. She said "He sure has an ugly vagina" and walked off without a thought.

We all looked at each other and laughed and laughed. My granddaughter is now almost 7 and we still tell the story often and laugh.

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Jun 21, 2010
The Things They Say!
by: Gillian

Thanks for your story, George!
It brought back a funny memory of my own. It was our older daughter's fourth birthday and her little sister was not quite three when we brought their baby brother home from the hospital. The time came for a diaper change and my two helpers watched with fascination. I could tell they were concerned about something and thought to myself "Aha! Here comes the BIG question!" And it did - "Mommy why doesn't the baby have any TEETH?"

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