by Nana Jay
(New Zealand)

My situation is a little different than most. My partner Jo is a woman and is a Methodist Minister. We live in a beautiful church house and are able to continue our work with needy children. Three of our children were in care with us as babies, one was only 2 hours old when we got him at 5 o’clock in the morning. He will be 2 years old this month. We also have his sister who is 8 years old and has a brain injury from being a shaken baby. Also a 10 year old Jo had from 3 months old.

We have permanent care of them and that is wonderful for us and for security for them. We also have a wee baby girl we got three months ago when she was 3 days old. She may be long term or possibly permanent too.

I have eight grandchildren, from age one to fourteen years old.
My son has 4 boys and a darling little girl, so much wanted.
My daughter has a neat son and two little beautiful wee girls.

My former husband is one of our greatest supporters, he comes over for roasts,home made soup and baking and is a great role model for the children. We were married 28 years.

Russell has always supported my work in the community for 30
years. Fostering is just another part of my committment to children with special needs.The children here call me Nana Jay, and Jo Mummy Jo and it works well. Altogether in the six years we have been together, we have cared for over 50 children.

There have been many heartbreaks but lots of success in having
children returned home too. Most of the young Mothers had been in
Foster Care themselves,and never knew about being nurtured or loved
themselves. They then were unable to give their children what they
needed,and they were taken into care. We have got God-Children and many Mums that have had their children returned with love and support.

Sadly, some children are a third generation of being in care and we must try to break the cycle. This is our commitment.

Thank you for showing an interest in our journey and the power of
Grandparents to make a difference.

One of the greatest assets we have and the most undervalued is

Nana Jay.

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Nov 02, 2008
Two Brave and Generous Ladies
by: Marylyn(SuperNan)

Nana Jay and Mummy Jo,
You are two very brave ladies and I am so glad that your previous Partner supports you in all that you do...
"Foster Care" is quite a Challenging Choice and a very different way of Living.
I hope that the successful return stories counteract the sometimes sad endings.
The love that you both give these little Poppits will somehow come back to you in ways you never expect...sometimes it is just a little look, a little note, a little hug for no reason.
My little Poppit, I think, has been living with me too long...(smile). She greeted me this morning with...
"Nan, you are the sunshine of my life!". All of 6 years of age (smile)
All my love to you, God has his arms around you both.
Kindest regards

Aug 31, 2008
Wonderful story!
by: Gill

I think that is a wonderful story. You and Jo are doing such great work looking after those little ones and breaking the pattern of neglect for those families. Hats off to Russell too - he sounds like an amazing guy. The power of grandparents is the power of love!

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