Toys for Pre-Schoolers

Toys for Pre-Schoolers aims to help these busy little people learn about the world. This age group learns through play. They love to play their version of adult life. Dolls, baby carriages, dolls houses, cars, trucks, trains and toy garages are all favorites as they play "family" or "work." The less structured the toys, the more the children become creative and use their imagination.

Toys for 3-4 Year Olds

  • Dolls
  • Tea sets
  • Balls
  • Trucks, trains (non-electrical)
  • Toy telephone
  • Building blocks, interlocking blocks
  • Play dough
  • Simple crafts
  • Dress-up clothes

Toys for 4-5 Year Olds

  • Building blocks
  • Construction sets
  • non-electrical trains, battery operated toys
  • Puppets and puppet theater
  • Bicycles with training wheels
  • Simple musical instruments
  • Sports equipment in appropriate size
  • Card Games
  • Board Games

Safety Considerations


  • Toys using mains electricity
  • Toxic or oil based paint sets
  • Flammable dress-up clothes
  • Shooting toys and darts
  • Bicycles that are too big for the child
  • Kites made of aluminized polyester film (they conduct electricity)
  • Masks at Halloween - use face paint instead

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