Traveling with Children

Oh, the joys of traveling with children. Whoever said, It's not the destination, it's the journey that counts, obviously never traveled with a motion-sick four year old.

Traveling with children, whether by plane, train, or the family car, adds a new dimension to any vacation trip. While it would be wonderful to be starry-eyed about how the grandchildren will love it, and how much they will learn, the reality could be closer to: "Mom, he's pushing me!" and   "Granny, I need to go to the bathroom!" or "I'm hungry!"

Are We There Yet?!

When you're traveling with kids, it's always about "Are we there yet?"

There aren't many people who look forward to a long car or airplane ride with children, but a well prepared and patient parent or grandparent can lessen the chances of the familiar, "Don't make me have to stop this car and come back there!"

Modern Technology - Blessing or Curse?

Taking advantage of modern technology is one of the easiest ways to keep kids occupied on a long trip. DVD players, hand held game systems, mp3 players and other electronic devices can keep their attention on some entertainment and off the fact that they have been strapped in a car seat for the last two hours.

Sure, you may have lived through a long car ride without these things when you were a kid. But there's a good chance that you and your siblings were playing a game of tackle football in the back of the station wagon instead of being strapped in with a five-point harness.

Of Good Note

Providing kids with healthy snacks and beverages (not too much liquid, of course) can help, too. Including them in some conversation with the adults also keeps them entertained. Spending a short time preparing for the trip can save hours of frustration for you and your kids.

Before You Go If you are going to be travelling across borders, or your flight takes you overseas, you will need documentation ready.

Passport For most destinations you will need an up-to-date passport for each of the children. That may take some time to obtain, especially if it is the first passport the child has ever had. Make sure their parents apply in good time.

Consent letter If you are going to be travelling with children, without their parents, you will need to have a letter of consent from their parents. Click here for Sample Letter.

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