Try to Reconcile Always

by anonymous

I have heard so many heartbreaking stories from Grandparents who only want the best for their kids and grandchildren. Yet for one reason or another (and sometimes as in my case unknown reasons), our grown children deny us the glorious moments which we dreamed of for so many years - that of holding and cuddling our kids newborn. Cruelty, yes to the highest extent, and painful enough to kill us. But somewhere in the back of my mind I knew my son could not live with this way of life any more than grandma & Grandpa could. I persisted in maintaining contact with him and telling him the truth, it was killing me. After 4 long years he came around and acknowledged the past must be dropped and we should look to the future. I am anonymous only because I don't wish to cause another bad situation. My message to others is keep contact with your grown-up child, keep telling him you love him and all of his/her family and try to reconcile always. God is with you, let him into your life and He will be there. Sometimes God writes straight but with a crooked line. Never give up and keep your hope and love for the little ones. No one says it is easy but it is worth it.

Love to you all.

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